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The Regions of Africa Gala Ball of 2017

The African Gala Ball set sparks last Friday at Perth's Crown Towers Ballroom. It's an understatement to say the place was merely glittering in gold. It was both a time away from time and a most definite in-the-now moment. For those who couldn't attend the event, let me catch you up...

The Regions of Africa Gala Ball was the charity event of the year and was attended by numerous prominent members of both African and Australian communities. Such members included the ministers for mining and resources, ambassadors, as well as various Australian and African high commissioners. Guests were presented with champagne at every corner, the ceiling was a literal encompassment of giant gold flowers, and all around the ballroom were men and women dressed to the nines in their most luxurious outfits.

Before the ball was to officially begin, guests were given the opportunity to talk and mingle with one another as well as have their photos taken by RoA's on-site photographers in front of the media wall.

"We're very excited," said one guest Michelle Pike, to which her friend also agreed. Both looked forward to the dancing at the end of the night as well as networking with others.

The night began with a fashion show performed by Beya Model Academy, who showcased a number of designs by the up-and-coming Margot.

Following the fashion show, Phil Woodstock gave the Welcome to Country speech, followed by a performance by both Woodstock and singer Mary Chetcuti. The combination of both didgeridoo and African song was both an enchanting and inspiring moment of the night.

The night was a magical affair. MC's Nkandu Beltz. and Manu Ranga kept the show rolling with a brief introduction to the night's events, ranging from live performances, music, and exquisite food; dancing was provided to guests by talented young dance group Glory of God (G.O.D); a beautiful performance on Beyonce's "I Was Here" was given by singer/entertainer Sylvia Nzeti, who sang alongside a powerpoint display of RoA's three fundraising projects: TLS Foundation, One Heart, and Water Uganda Outreach; and no one felt more glorified that night than the much jested doctors at Table Nine. Ladies, look out.

Guests were treated to a magnificent round of dinner and deserts, ranging from succulent steaks to sauces of the most exquisite nature. Between great conversation and dancing, guests were also invited to partake in a silent auction where attendees had the chance to win holidays at over half their original price, beautiful paintings, and even an in-office massage.

The night ended shortly after midnight after hours of dancing and celebration. Ultimately, the message of RoA stayed across the entire night: this was something new and special.

Bring on next year's grand gala ball!

You can read more about Regions of Africa on their website:


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