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Miss Africa Australia Welcomes Beya

Lo and behold, Beya defies gravity once again. Director Astrid Tshidibu has been invited to participate in Miss Africa Australia as one of the panel judges.

Following Astrid's participation in Miss Africa Australia in 2010, where she won the title of “Miss Personality”, she will now be playing the major role of judge from December 1 to December 17 of 2017.

“I am very excited to be a part of this amazing event — Miss Africa Australia,” says Astrid. “It is such a great opportunity to be able to share my knowledge and experiences with the contestants.”

Miss Africa Australia is an annually held competition that will soon be announcing the winner of Miss Africa Australia for 2017. The title recipient will be both an ambassador for Africa-Australia, here and abroad.

Miss Africa Australia continues to partner with Black Tree Australia in an effort to empower young African Australian women.

“Coming from a German background, I didn't have much opportunity to learn from my own African background, Congolese," says Astrid. "Having this opportunity to be part of Miss Africa Australia gives me and my team the chance to learn and experience different African cultures here in Australia.”

“Beya is extremely excited to work with Miss Africa Australia!”

[Astrid Tshidibu photographed by @theglamwhisperer]

You can read more about Beya on their website:


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