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Hong Kong Day #2: Explorations

Somewhere in Jordan.

Woke up in Hong Kong --- good start. 10AM --- even better start. The great thing about Hong Kong is that the shops generally close at 10PM and open at around 10AM. Sleep-ins have been found a necessity in a city like this, particularly when Hong Kong is renown for its neon nightlife.

Literally means 'pantyhose tea' in Cantonese (because they often brew it in a large tea sock).

Later, we went over to Central Shopping Mall and saw some ladders in Central posed out in the city district. There were thousands of shops, including areas on each floor entirely devoted to things like makeup, designer clothes, and electronics. Designer shops felt so common in Hong Kong that it just transformed luxury into nothing more than the norm.

Sadly, I only ordered one burger.

Highly recommend trying Burger Circus out in Central, which is basically squished alongside a mountain of ageing stairs littered with red and gold trinkets. Inside, there's jumpy music like you're in the middle of some retro circus.

And thank the lords, they do classic cheeseburgers and none of this let's-add-salad mayhem.

The burger was a chewy piece of heaven with pickle in all the right places. And their cherry-topped milkshakes tasted like a Maccas one at a health inspection. The burger was so good I forgot the whole 'ten-bite' rule (I don't even think someone like burger-loving model Gigi Hadid could remember it) and guzzled the whole thing down in seconds.

Hidden on the stairs.
Feeling fly in HK.

My group all felt very cunning when we worked like smart tourists and took an Uber instead of the tram up to Victoria Peak. There must've been about three hundred people waiting in line for the tram, some spilling onto the other side of the road. This move of ours possibly shaved off about two hours worth of waiting. Barely an exaggeration when I write this.

The Victoria Peak still somehow managed to have a McDonalds and a considerable shopping complex. The peak was full, as well, with traditional-looking landscapes --- such as a lion statue and Chinese gold labels. I bought a painting of the Victoria Dock for about 20 dollars (AUS) thinking the guy had painted it himself [it'll be a couple days later that I discover replicates of this painting at 5]. There was bamboo trees everywhere scribbled with initials and love hearts and Chinese characters. A faint petrol smell floated around here.

The fun continued (more so because I'm around extroverts). We all walked up an apartment building back in Central --- I figured my boyfriend and his siblings were visiting their long-distance friend at his room. We rode the elevator to the fourth floor, rung the door bell, and, instead, walked into a nifty little shisha bar called Space X, which looked even more clandestine than Perth's Sneaky Tony's. We sat out on the rooftop with buildings and car horns as our landscape. The long-distance friend of theirs later came along from a different building.

Neon signs and neon shish'.


More posts to come. Stay tuned for Day 3 to Day 5!


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