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First Tickets to Sydney

Jumping on a plane during a rain spell is like jumping on a rollercoaster that's designed to kill you. It started smooth, then rocketed into the sky, off and away to the central hub of the Sydney CBD. The world got smaller and became like a video game: sectioned off into blocks of different lands to soon advance to.

When Sydney appeared in the distance, it was with happy cliche that I considered it Christmas. My legs felt numb. I was a tentative sheep herded into the busy Sydney landscape. I found my bag, hugged my boyfriend, and hopped into one of a series of taxis lined up eagerly outside the airport. Maybe it was just my flight-mode mind, but there were highways inside the airport.

[Rushing around Sydney peeked on Long Island Ice Tea]

A Night at the Moon Festival

I didn't get to try moon cake, but I did get introduced to one of the most largely Vietnamese towns in Sydney: Cabramatta. It was like being in another country. I saw Facebook's Tim Star, ate Pho, drank bubble tea, and ogled animal balloons. I was lucky enough to see the town during the craze of its 2018 Moon Festival.

Adventure to Blue Mountains

When I first saw this, I thought that all those blue-tinged trees in the background were the ocean. It was that vast. Just one foot or two out of place and you could've been tumbling down the mountain side.

When we got to the Blue Mountain National Park tourist zone, we had to wait about an hour for the next session. We kept ourselves entertained with the sausage sizzle van, photo reviewing, and dodging the rain.

Got squished.

Bondi Beach

I credit my smile to finally being able to cut into the other tourists and take a photo. Pictures don't do this place justice. There were so many people that even touring along the Bondi Beach Track on a midday Monday required some waiting.

It was so busy. Every metre had someone filling it. One of the most popular beaches in Australia.

This was particularly creepy, but fascinating. We crossed a cemetery on the walk through Bondi. A storm had hit the place at one point so a lot of the angel heads were missing.

The Accessory Events

The world's most expensive shisha coupled with the world's best tea.

Went to a three-storey Chanel store. Refused the life of a criminal and walked out with no extra (unpaid for) handbags.

Had $3 tacos at Barrio Cellar. Fell in love with their cheeseburger tacos.

Overall, the trip was an amazing experience. If I had to recommend it, I'd say go for the culture. It's the New York of Australia. If you love people, this is the place for you. If you love walking everywhere and train hopping for some awesome city views, go to Sydney. Also, Sydney's apartments/tiny houses are a thing to see; it's all very compact.

[Example of a typical Sydney home]

My favourite Sydney 'grams so far are @thechicdamned, @lifestylesydney, and @broadsheet_syd.


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