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A Successful End & A Powerful Beginning

The Beya Model Academy End-of-Semester Fashion Show was a heavenly affair, much like walking into Eden off a quiet backstreet. It was grand and dazzling, yet tucked away like one of those secret bars you find out and about in Northbridge. White paper lanterns and green leaves hung from the ceilings above an anthill of festivity: models and MCs readied themselves backstage, designers picked over rails of clothing, and director Astrid Tshidibu stood on top of her game, keeping the show running and making sure the venue was impeccably manicured before it's 7PM start.

“I just want to see them strut the runway,” said MC Iziss, who was having her makeup done prior to the show. “You know, I can’t wait to see this — because there’s more students this year. I remember last year’s [Beya End-of-Semester Fashion Show] was a success.”

“I don’t know of many events that are done like this,” said one of the designers for the night, Maxwell of E.N. Maxwell. “I think it’s going to be personable, nice and private, and it’s gonna be really exciting.”

The young Beya models were nervous yet determined to put on a great show for their audience. "I don't want to stack it," laughed model Annyse Edwards (nicknamed "Noodle"). "But I'm excited to see how things go!"

Beya model Jeraldine Nshimilimana talked proudly of how her experience had been at Beya: "Amazing," answered Jeraldine. “Everyone is awesome, and we've been having a lot of fun. I feel like we've been getting a lot more [experience] now ... Astrid's really helping us out. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and they get to see the hard work we put into this."

Alannah Reberger, a 15-year-old model freelancing at Beya for the night also gave her thoughts: "I expect tonight to go really well. I'm excited to do it. Should be a lot of fun. There's a lot of amazing designs for people to see so it should be good."

Those early to arrive and seated along the main runway were also gifted with a Beya goody bag filled with trinkets like high-end hair and beauty products, samples and discount offers and, of course, a couple lollies to keep that event energy running seamlessly.

MC Iziss Mangok got the crowd started with the announcement that sponsors will be choosing the Face of Beya on the night, which entailed an abundance of gifts for the winner, such as a $200 beauty voucher. Her high-spoken vision of the show enticed the audience: "Let me share this piece of heaven with you."

The show was encompassed by a number of different designs, starting each round with a short skit by a talented dancing crew. All designs had the audience engaged and the flashing of phone cameras chasing after each model as they walked through the crowd. The designs captured many different allures, ranging from contoured elegance, to the sharp and regally professional, to a celebration of different cultures, such as through Indian fashion.

Halfway through the night, guests were also treated to a healthy yet satisfying dinner of sushi bites, kebabs, and, of course, more champagne.

Towards the end of the show, Astrid Tshidibu announced the Face of Beya to be the lucky Annyse Edwards. Numerous certificates were also handed out to the young Beya models, including Chanel Meyer, Michael Angelo, Christina Mizkiina, Annyse Edwards and Ciara Edwards.

The night ended with a round of ‘thank you’s to those who contributed to the night and to those who could attend the event. "A lot of hard work went in to tonight," said Beya assistant Brayden. "Thank you for coming, and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Feel free to get a glass of champagne on your way out."

Many attendees hung around to chat and congratulate Tshidibu on a fantastic night, and also crowded around to have their photos taken along the Beya media wall.

Between many hugs and conversations, Tshidibu announced her thoughts on the night: "There's so much emotion," she laughed. "This is a breakthrough."

Aisha Novakovich, one of the core-advisers for the Multicultural Runway for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival coming up September 9, also attended the night. “[Tonight was] fabulous,” she decreed, “inspiring and a massive team effort.”

You can find out more about Beya Model Academy by visiting their website


*** All photos by Ian Jiang ***

1) Model Aline Ngoga wearing Margot.

2) Model Jeraldine Nshimilimana wearing E.N Maxwell and the designer Emmanuel Ranga.

3) MC Iziss Atuot Mangok with My PK Collection designer Nazo.

4) Beya models wearing the collection Margot.

5) Engaged members of the audience.


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