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A Big Round of Applause For Multiculturalism

Someone pointed out to me the other day how interesting it was that despite the multi-faceted nature of Perth culture, we only have one runway dedicated to celebrating this. The explosion of multiculturalism in Perth is perhaps one of the best things about it, and, without, we'd find our great city extremely lacking. Speaking as a creative, you can only keep saying yes to new and exciting things. And the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival's Multicultural Runway revealed exactly how much the public welcome the bonding between cultures.

The Language of Fashion: Multicultural Runway was presented by the Office of Multicultural Interests at Forrest Chase as part of a free chain of events on TPFF2017's Saturday calendar. The event was attended by numerous fashion frontiers, such as Beya Model Academy director Astrid Tshidibu (whose models Aline Ngoga and Shiko Kariuki both participated in the show), fashion blogger Jo Goh, and uber-stylist Catharine Baba. The audience buzzed with talk and many stood along the runway to take photos before the main event.

[Model: Aline Ngoga Image Credit: @thesocialpages_perth]

The show was an array of beautiful and culture-rich dresses ranging from African to Indian fashion collections. The highlight was on-point, the models were poised with heels striking the floor with lion-like prowess, and, while perhaps it's hard to pick favourites, you can't disagree that the moment this model arrived on the runway, there was a collective uplift in the audience...

I look forward to seeing what more multiculturalism can flaunt in Perth's fashion industry. Let's keep the ball rolling!

To read more about the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, visit their website


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