Hello! I hail originally from Australind, which is just on the outskirts of Bunbury, WA. When I was little I used to think Australind was the central hub of Australia, given the name. But with some newfound knowledge (and a basic education), I drove off to Perth to give an actual big city a shot. 

Most of the time I'm touring the CBD shopping at my regulars Zara, the makeup counter at Myer, and any neighbouring cheap, fried food places; or I'm in bed writing on my laptop; or just outside reading and trying to commit to a tan.

I got onto writing pretty young, finding I much preferred exploring bookshelves than I did exploring the outdoors. So inevitably being a reader, I had to become a writer.


My love of words mostly stems from their ability to sway you in different ways, particularly in how they create worlds around trains of thought. With decent writing, readers can be swayed to believe almost anything ⏤ which makes writing an incredibly powerful tool.

Ashley Valli